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How to declutter and why is it good for you

Sounds easy right? But trust me it is harder than you think. First, when you decide to declutter, you are going to throw away all the unnecessary things or the things that’s with you for the longest time with a sentimental value or for whatever reason.

I, myself is also having a hard time because I like keeping things that I don’t even use or don’t even need. Like for example, point cards, papers, pouches, etc. You think you need everything that is in your house but the truth is, YOU DON’T. You don’t need a lot of pouches, a lot of scrap papers, old receipts, old cards/point cards, old boxes, etc. You just like keeping those things. Today, I want to share some tips and ideas that I have learned through the process of decluttering some of my own things.

Before I share some tips, you have to remember these : You need and you don’t need. You will use or you won’t use. When you go through your things one by one, ask yourself if you REALLY need to keep this or that. Trust me it really helps!

We will start at our room first.

First. Drawers. Like the small drawers where you keep little things and stuff? Go through them one by one, and put them all in one places. Ask yourself if you need to keep it and if you are going to use it or no. Like for example, ballpens. Do you need a lot of ballpens? Check them if they still have ink. Keep some and throw away those you will never use.

Second. Closet. Check all your clothes. Throw those clothes that aren’t good anymore and those you don’t want anymore or doesn’t fit, give them to charities. Again, ask yourself Do I need this? Am I going to still wear this? Just yes or no. Don’t try to think of some reasons why because you will end up keeping it.

Third. Storage and boxes. Go through your storage bins and you will find some gold and copper lol. Check those if you still need to keep the things that is in your storage. When I did that, I found some old pictures of my ex and I and I threw it immediately haha! You will really never know what you will find haha! Trash or gold! I found some money, old bills and documents, pouches that I don’t need, baby oil and nail polish remover haha! I threw them all! Shoe boxes, throw them away because it’s taking up a lot of space. Boxes from your online shop, magazines etc.

I know it’s hard to throw something that you bought long time ago or has a sentimental value for you but trust me, you will feel good afterwards.

Lots of love! X


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First baby on the way!

So now that I’m pregnant & it’s my first baby, I’m always searching and asking for all the things that I need to have and need to do before my baby arrives.

I came across with a lot of things online and of course, advices from my family and friends. Because it’s my first pregnancy, I am quite nervous and excited at the same time! So here’s what I’ve learned along the way.

> Prenatal Vitamins As soon as I found out I’m pregnant and told my friend, she told me that I should take prenatal vitamins which are Folic Acid (*very important for the development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord), Zinc (supporting normal developments as your baby grows) and last Iron (you can also get iron when you drink fresh milk!) But it really depends on you if you want to take prenatal vitamins because some pregnant women don’t. You can also find all those vitamins in every food you eat and drink like vegetables, fish and etc.

> Financial for baby This is where it gets serious. If you have a health insurance, it’s a great help. But in some country, they don’t have this so you really have to be ready when it comes to financial stuff for your baby. It’s not a joke having a baby guys! All the check-ups and the prenatal vitamins that you need, waaaaah! Haha. Here in Japan, they will give us like a schedule when can we get a check-up. All the baby clothes, bottles, cribs etc. I told you this isn’t going to be easy, haha! You need to save up also for the day when your baby will arrive. In Japan, for normal delivery it’s around 420,000¥ and for cs delivery 500,000¥. I told my husband we should save for the cs incase because you’ll never know.

> Baby stuffs When you go to Pinterest, you can find a lot of things in there that you will need for the baby! This is the exciting part, shopping for baby stuffs! I love shopping haha well everyone does right? When I went to the Philippines for vacation, I took the advantage to buy baby clothes because it is cheap compare here in Japan. I bought a new born clothes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. I also bought mittens, hats, lampin (swaddling clothes i think lol), and the bigkis (belly binder, very popular tradition in the Philippines, About bigkis you can click this to find out more!) Baby bottle, breastfeeding stuffs, and etc.

That’s it for now! If you have any more ideas or suggestions, just comment down below or message me. As a first time soon to be mom, I want to learn more things! Have a good day! X

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Applying for Certificate of Eligibility

Hi guys! So today, I’ll share naman about applying for Certificate of Eligibility (Spouse Visa) here in Japan when you married a Filipino Citizen.

First off, you have to wait for 15 days I think for the releasing of your Marriage Certificate in Philippines, so while waiting for that, your husband or wife should get all the necessary documents para ipadala sa Japan while waiting for the Marriage Certificate to be released. So eto ang mga kailangan ipadala sayo ng husband/wife mo.

Documents needed for Applying Certificate of Eligibility

Police Clearance (Original Copy)

• NBI Clearance (Original Copy)

Photos (4cm x 3cm)

Xerox copy of the Application of Marriage License

• Xerox copy of the Legal Capacity of Marriage

Birth Certificate (Original Copy)

Marriage Certificate (Original Copy)

Passport (Partner’s passport photocopy)

Ayan, I think yan na lahat ang mga kailangan ng partner mo na isesend sa Japan na mga requirements from the Philippines, and eto naman ang kailangan mo to get here in Japan

Koseki-tohon (Guys, eto ang pinaka importante niyo na gawin, once na napadala na ng partner niyo ang documents, pumunta ka sa city hall kung saan ka naka register and ipa register mo kasal mo dito, I mean i-report mo siya para mapasok mo siya sa Koseki-tohon mo. Kailangan yan para bago mo iapply si hubby/wifey for Eligibility

Passport (Your own passport, photocopy)

Certificate of Employment (Shūrō Shōmei-sho) Eto, iaask niyo kung saan kayo nagta-trabaho.

3 Months Payslip (Photo Copy)

Income Tax Certificate (Original copy. Sa cityhall niyo to’ makukuha)

• Residence Tax Certificate (Original copy. Sa cityhall din to and dapat bayad talaga kayo ha? Walang utang!)

Residence Certificate (Juminhyo, Original Copy. Sa cityhall din to)

Application form of Certificate of Eligibility Application Form (Mas maganda, 2 i-print niyo para pag practice-an niyo ang isang copy para pag sure na kayo sa details ilagay niyo na sa isa niyong copy para hindi na kayo mag sulat sa Immigration kasi mendokusai at jikan kakaru.

• Guarantee Letter Form

• Questionnaire Form (Eto din, print kayo ng 2 para same din na pag practice-an niyo yung isa then sure na sa isa naman)

Return Mail (392¥ buy kayo sa konbini ng stamp or sa post office then ilagay niyo sa envelope ang address then the stamp, dyan nila ipapadala kapag na approve na ang COE.

Pictures & Love Story (Kahit ilang pictures lang from the wedding and old photos niyo mag gf/bf then ilagay niyo sa bond paper ang story kung paano kayo nagkakilala bla bla bla.

Well, I think that’s it! Kapag nakumpleto mo na, you’re ready to go to the Immigration to pass the Application form. Waiting time for the approval is 1-3 months. Dito matetest ang patience niyo haha! Very stressful time but you have nothing to worry about if you completed all the necessary documents and you have no problem sa mga taxes mo. I received mine mag 2 months the day I passed my application. So sending you all good luck hugs!! If you have questions and suggestions just comment! Love to hear from you guys! X

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Japanese – Filipino Marriage


So marami kasi ang nagtatanong sakin about this matter. First off, I’m a japanese citizen and I married a filipino citizen. Before anything else, sa tingin niyo napaka complicated pero kapag naayos naman lahat eh sisiw nalang siya, pero nakaka-stress nga naman talaga. I just want to share this with all of you hopefully makatulong ako kahit sa ganitong way.

Bago ako mag decide magpakasal, syempre ang dami kong sinearch muna kung paano ba ang J&F marriage process. Grabe napaka stressful niya te’ pero nakeri naman ng beauty ko kaya sisiw! Charot.

Bonggang advice : Mag search sa Google & read forums

Super nakatulong sakin tong way na to para ma achieve ko lahat ng requirements bago ko ipasa sa cityhall ng place kung saan kami magpapakasal ng asawa ko. As a Japanese eto ang mga kailangan mo na requirements para sa pag aapply ng License of Marriage sa city hall sa Pilipinas

Requirements for Marriage of Japanese & Filipino

Koseki-tohon (original) Kumuha ka ng 2copies incase na kailanganin mo and xerox mo na din!

Passport ( Original & xerox copy mo mga 3pcs)

Certificate of Legal Capacity of Contract Marriage (paano kumuha neto? Punta ka sa Japan Embassy, then may application form doon for the LCCM, fill-up then ipasa mo na. After 1 day ang releasing. 500 pesos yata ang fee? I’m not sure na, nakalimutan ko na basta sasabihin naman ata don. Ipa-xerox mo na din siya mga 2 copies or 3.

Sa magiging asawa mo naman na Filipino, eto ang mga kailangan niya

Birth Certificate (Original & Xerox Copy)

Affidavit of parental consent or advice (18-21 years old) pag 21 above no need na. Sa case ng husband ko akala namin 24 siya so inask pa din siya ng consent pero 25 na pala so hindi na haha! So beware!

Ceriticate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) 1 original copy and xerox copy!

Certificate of Attendance in a pre-marriage counseling, family planning and responsible parenthood seminar (Super need niyo to guys! We attended both seminar in 1 day so sisiw lang yan, para na din may idea kayo sa pinapasok niyo haha! Ipa photocopy niyo din mga 2-3 copies!)

Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA) Original & Ipa xerox niyo ulit 🙂

Barangay Clearance (1 original & photocopy)

2 Valid ID’s

• 1×1 Photo (Dapat recent ha!)

Marriage Application Form (Makukuha niyo to sa mismong city hall kung saan kayo magpapa register ng kasal niyo

Then if nakumpleto niyo na yan, Okay na! Waiting nalang kayo ng 10 days I think for the releasing ng license then after that pwede na kayo magpakasal 🙂 If sa Huwes ba ang tawag don kayo magpapakasal, sila pa magdedecide kung when so if wala na kayong time, mag rent nalang kayo ng place and pastor para hindi na kayo maghihintay 🙂

So ayan na lahat ang mga need niyo para magpakasal, if may question kayo or anything just comment down below! I’ll post soon how to apply and all the requirements needed for Certificate of Eligibility! Have a good day! X

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Mishima Skywalk

Pictures don’t do justice how beautiful the place is!

If you want some peace of mind and love the long walks, you need to go here! I went here last weekend with my friends and it is really beautiful and the view is mesmerizing especially during sunset. You get to see the Mt. Fuji closer. We didn’t get the chance to go to the other parts of the place because we went there about 4:30 and 5:00 pm is the close time (sad I know). But I really enjoyed the view!

Admission fee : 1,000¥ (Adult)

Hours of Operation : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

If you want to visit the site and find out more about the Mishima Skywalk, just click here.

Mishima Sky Walk

〒411-0012 Shizuoka-ken, Mishima-shi, Sasahara Shinden, 313


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Missing you

Thank you for always reminding me how great I am even though I am having the worst time of my life. Thank you for always telling me I’m beautiful in my ugliest moment. Thank you for cheering me up when the world is pulling me down. Thank you for loving me when I can’t even love myself. Thank you for trying your best to be there for me even if your thousand miles away. Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices just to make sure that I feel loved. Thank you for your endless patience when I needed it the most.

Honestly, thank you is not enough to describe what I am feeling right now. I always ask God what did I do to deserve someone like you in my life. You are my best friend, my love, my enemy, my hero, my constant reminder how beautiful life is, my husband. You’re special in your own way and words won’t do justice. You are the most special gift sent from above and I just want to remind you everyday how much I love you.

I wish you were here with me. I miss being with you, every second of every minute of every hour. Your presence is much needed in my life because you make life more beautiful and meaningful. I wish to see your face whenever I wake up in the morning. Long distance is hard. It kills happiness. It kills your mood knowing he/she isn’t by your side. You’re longing for the love and attention in person.

I can’t wait for the day to be with you & start our future together, forever. I miss you and I love you.

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Someday, someone is going to be the brightest color in your world full of black and grey.

The one who will turn your sadness into full of love and happiness.

The one who will put smile in your face, the one who will be there when no one else is.

Even in the darkest days, there’s still hope for a new and brighter days.